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Your Black Lab, a division of Spatial Comps LLC, is introducing a comprehensive suite of property valuation tools that assure you quality solutions on a continuous basis.

The result of extensive research and development has positioned Your Black Lab as an innovator and unique service provider. Our offering is specifically designed to make your valuation process simple and more effective. Our core products are AVM and Comparable Sales, along with a host of other portfolio management and risk assessment services.

We use advanced predictive models that evaluate a host of property characteristics and location variables to generate our AVM values. Comparable Sales values are rigorously tabulated using an advanced customizable adjustment matrix and the industry-standard comparable sales approach. Our values can cover zip codes and census tracts to Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA).

Our portfolio management and risk assessment services offer appraisal review, portfolio re-pricing, risk scoring, portfolio auditing and sampling, static pool analysis and price indexing. We offer a range of delivery methods for our products and services including web-enabled solutions to stand alone desktop applications.