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We at Your Black Lab generate our AVM values using our mass valuation system. The combination of our advanced econometric model structure, monthly sales and data updates, and rigorous QA testing ensures that our AVM values are highly accurate, statistically smooth, and always up-to-date. We take pride in our 30-day value replacement cycles.

In developing our AVMs, we evaluate a host of fixed location, property characteristics, census and GIS variables. While we model primarily at the county level, our values nonetheless can easily be rolled up to the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) or drilled down to the smaller geographic denominations like zip codes and census tracts. Needless to say, our models are developed in-house by highly qualified mathematicians and financial engineers under the direct supervision of an industry expert.

We currently generate AVM values for all major US markets and plan to cover Canada soon. In addition to the private institutions, we also cater to the public jurisdictions as our models always comply with the IAAO guidelines.

Additionally, we offer flexible subscription plans for customers in need of the updated AVM values on an ongoing basis.