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Your Black Lab introduces Comparable Sales, a trendsetting middle market property valuation tool, to effectively address the needs of both mass valuation and comparable sales, simultaneously.

Comparable Sales offers unreserved transparency and clarity in valuation modeling via an advanced yet flexible adjustment grid, handles a wide range of fixed location, property characteristics, census and GIS variables, and offers a user-definable confidence coding mechanism. Additionally, it allows total elasticity in terms of forward and backward time adjustments as well as different market prediction points and taxable status dates to cater effortlessly to both private institutions and public jurisdictions.

Our internal Comparable Sales values are technologically updated monthly with new sales and updated property data. Of course, users can always tweak our tool to bypass our values to generate their own custom values, on the fly.

A set of professional comp sales reports and analyses adds significant value to this product. We have standard reports ranging from one-line production reports to industry-standard comps-wise detailed data reports to the mapping reports elegantly depicting the comps that contributed to the valuations of the subjects.